Why Translate the Sheet?

For years we have been desperate about the state of Android translations tools. The current cloud tools are not only costly financially, more importantly they cost your valuable time. Isn't it much better to develop new features for your users rather than lose your time with translations?

With Translate the Sheet, you have no recurring costs, just a single one-time fee which is far less than what you would spend writing a similar tool yourself. Start saving time and money today!

  • Works for Android
  • Easily import your project resources
  • Uses Google Spreadsheet as editor - everyone knows how to work with that
  • Simple sharing to translators
  • Supports string arrays
  • Created by Android developers!
Main interface

How it works?

Translate the Sheet lists all your Android projects in Google Drive. A single click on the 'Sync' button will generate a translator-friendly Google Spreadsheet out of your strings.xml files. Click again and you get all the translated strings from the sheet back to your strings.xml.

With Translate the Sheet, your contributors don't need a special account, they don't need to learn a distinct UI. They already know how to work with spreadsheets.

I don't have my Android projects in Google Drive

You don't have to. You can just create a symbolic link from your res folder.

Importing your project is as simple as running:

  • Linux:
    ln -s ~/projects/<Project_Name>/res ~/Drive_documents/<Project_Name>
  • Windows:
    - mklink /d "..\Google Drive\<Project_Name>" "..\projects\<Project_Name>\res"

Translate the Sheet by Urbandroid Team.